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The 7 Universal Wounds

María Fernanda La Riva

What would it be like if you could create a different reality in your life?

Clear old patterns, fears and drama in every subject of your life and create a brand new one with Maria F. La Riva in a 2-day retreat!

​Newest and fastest methodology in the world! Now in the USA!

And what if that was possible, in an easy, fun and enduring way?

By Invitation Only


  • Release the unconscious stories that keep you from having what you want

  • You will feel a constant joy that you never thought was real

  • You will feel constant internal peace, which will not disappear after 3 days, a week or a month

  • Have better sleep and improve mood

  • Clear blocks to receiving therefore improving money flows

  • It will change your way of seeing money, attracting more possibilities to your life;​

  • You will create change in all your relationships

  • You will have all the tools to change any feeling that is not pleasant, thus gaining the power to be happy when you wish

  • Stop the stress that keeps you from going forward faster

  • Decrease in interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts


    A woman that changed my and her destiny and inspires so many women to do the same. Creating Your Reality was a transformational encounter that I will never forget! Tania

    Creating Your Reality. Creating with lightness and joy. Becoming conscientious of our infiniteness and potency. Touching the deepest parts of our soul. Clarissa Galvao

    So grateful Maria F. La Riva. With your perception, generosity and wisdom, went to the deepest and most obscure places inside of us and empowered us! Guacyra Mazariello

    What is the Program Creating Your Reality?

    The Retreat Relinquish The 7 Universal Wounds is a method to help successful and high drive women who wishes to surpass their glass ceiling and chooses to meet their Real Self by clearing all the programming they have accepted throughout their life.

    This BY INVITATION ONLY, 2 day intensive is the only in the market that is based on The 7 Universal Wounds and eliminates them all at once. We notice the wounds, that are mostly learned programs, clear them, empower you and restores your Self for you to be the powerful being you came here to be and to live your life to the fullest.

    After years of study and experiences with various energetic and spiritual therapies, María Fernanda developed an easy, fast and long-lasting program that took her out of the scarcity and drama in which she lived and transformed her life. She found shortcuts that work and you can use them effortlessly.

    Through energetic processes and sessions of unlocking, it is proven that you can finally be happy by creating a different reality for your life! This revolutionary method uses no pain, no anger and no stress.

    If you have blocks of past programming, you cannot receive or perceive what the Universe offers you and nor be YOU. This program will show you the Magnificent and Infinite Being that you are in all areas of your life.

    HOW is a private session?

    Please leave your contact so we can reach to you with more information and to see if you are a fit with this methodology.

    During an individual session Maria will unlock beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward in life, be at peace and filled with joy. The sessions can be verbal only or verbal and energetic using specific processes that are vibrating at your present level. 

    The sessions can be held face-to-face or online via Zoom so we can record it and you can have it so you keep liberating yourself from blocks every time you listen to it. The online session has the same effect as a face-to-face session.


    The session of Creating Your Reality lasts around 60 minutes. Depending on how much you are willing to receive.


  • Self worth

  • Relationship problems

  • Issues related to physical health

  • Energy Cleansing

  • Financial problems

  • And more...


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    WHO is María Fernanda de la Riva?

    When Humans have unresolved family patterns and been abused as a child or programmed to be a certain way, their independence and success are fueled by these traumas. These individuals are strong enough to hide the stress, anxiety, anger and guilt, but these are actually killing their life.

    Maria’s passion is bringing ease, power and joy, eradicating the blocks and patterns with her revolutionary technique “Deprogramming Emotional Trauma.” A technique that brings out the emotions hidden that nobody has been able to reach. Maria believes that we record the emotional response to situation throughout our childhood and that recording is then played over and over during our life, attracting undesirable situations in our lives.

    Founder of the extraordinary Retreat “Relinquish the 7 Universal Wounds” (latter "Creating Your Reality:)

    International Best-Selling Author in 5 languages and in all the continents with the book “Ask And You Shall Receive and this time you WILL!” Innovator. Personal Development Strategist. Expert in Pattern Recognition and clearing. Consciousness Revolutionary. Mother, sports coach and World Traveler. Maria has transformed the lives of thousands of highly driven individuals and enabled them to live the best versions of their lives. She is on a mission to change the lives of 10 million people in the world. 

    Backed by her knowledge in Psychology, her own experiences of abandonment, struggles in relationships, narcissistic survivor and her expertise in pattern recognition, Maria has dedicated most of her life to healing the universal wounds of her patrons, treating their emotions and turning-off the magnets that attract unhealthy situations and relationships; all through her sharply honed intuition and empathy to declare ‘I’ve been where you are.’ Her work is so advanced that she is usually called the coach of coaches and she has been!

    Originally from Venezuela, Maria was raised in France and the USA and has gathered experience and studied International Trade, Systems Analysis and Psychology in the USA, France and Brazil. Trained in Tibetan Buddhism, Reiki, Access Consciousness, Anthony Robbins, Don Miguel Ruiz, A Course in Miracles and Eckhart Tolle.

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