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Your Reality



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Orlando, FL

By: Maria F. La Riva


What would it be like if you could create a different reality in your life?

The Program CREATING YOUR REALITY is a method developed by María Fernanda La Riva to help people be the power they truly are.


Today, the fastest and most efficient methodology in the world to change your life!There are already 18 facilitators in the world in less than a year!


After years of study and experiences with various energetic and spiritual therapies, María Fernanda developed an easy, fast and long-lasting program that took her out of the scarcity and drama in which she lived and transformed her life. She found shortcuts that work and you can use them effortlessly.

Through energetic processes and sessions of unlocking, it proves that you can finally be happy by creating a different reality for your life! No pain, no anger, and no stress.


If you have blocks of past programming, you cannot receive or perceive what the Universe offers you. This program will show you the Magnificent and Infinite Being that you are in all areas of your life!


The program, Creating Your Reality works on specific situations in your life such as forgiveness, aggression, relationships, etc. It works until we find the missing piece to become that Powerful Being that you are! And this ensures an unimaginable change in the life of anyone who has the opportunity to participate.


Through experiential processes and special regressions, growth and general awareness are achieved in a quick and easy way, causing people's emotional, financial, interpersonal and bodily conflicts to be resolved.

Two-Day Intensive

Maria F. La Riva has spent the past year successfully teaching her proprietary process to hundreds of people in Europe and South America.


Now you are invited to experience Creating Your Reality in the US.

At Creating Your Reality transformational intensive workshop

you will discover how to tap into your natural ability to manifest a major shift in your life in less than 30 days. Once you master this process you will even witness your manifestations in real time.


In just 2 days you will:


  • Clear blocks to receiving abundance on all levels improving the flow of money under energetic connection to it 


  • Take your business or job to the next level


  • Release the unconscious stories that keep you from having what you want 


  • Learn how to become energetically open to attract more possibilities in your life and expand your understanding of success 


  • Experience a decrease in interpersonal conflict and create change in all your relationships and transform your life!

  • Maria will also take you through and process to unlock the infinite abundance through the activation of the new economy codes.


What happens after  the workshop?

  • You will have a 3 month follow up with support and more wealth code activation as Facebook Live ( 1x a month call with Maria F. La Riva with Q and A)

  • A private facebook page where you will all be supported and support each other.


When & Where

March 23-24

Saturday 8am-5pm

Sunday 8am- 5pm

Free time in the evenings to enjoy the beautiful amenities. 

Omni Resort



PHONE: (407) 390-6664

What others are saying...

I came to this workshop empty and needy and I left filled and sure of myself, a new woman!

I am enchanted!

— Heloisa

A woman that changed her life and inspire so many other women to do the same. this is a transforming workshop that I would never forget.

— Tânia

Thank you Maria.

With your perception, generosity and wisdom, we went to the bottom in dark places inside of us and empowered all of us! 

— Guacyra

Special Invitation free 30 min. call

You are invited to discover how Creating Your Reality can improve your life. Click the link to schedule a complimentary discovery 30 minute call.

Meet Maria F. La Riva

maria fernanda foto manu.jpg

Maria F. La Riva is a #1 Bestseller in 4 languages and on 4 continents. 

After her international success, Maria is now bringing Creating Your Realtiy to the US!

Imagine abundance, flow and attracting more possibilities into your life with ease. 


Event & Hotel Details

Omni Resort: Live the Life of Leisure 


The essence of luxury in an Orlando resort

this Four Diamond resort is one of the nation's premier golf, meeting and leisure retreats.

Guests may choose to relax in our signature Mokara spa, dine in one of our nine restaurants or enjoy 15 acres of pools and recreation activities including the 850-foot lazy river and Orlando's only resort wave pool.


The resort offers secluded luxury, yet easy access to just west of Orlando off I-4.


*Special rate of $199 single/double room or $239 quad. 

The resort offers beautiful upgrades as well.

*Prices quoted are subject to change are prior to tax and fees.


Creating Your Reality Intensive Program Schedule 


You are welcome to arrive on Friday afternoon to relax and connect with other attendees around the pool and bar area if you are staying at the resort.


The program begins at 8:00 am sharp and continues until 5:00 pm both Saturday and Sunday.


Your evenings are free to enjoy the resort and connect with each other.


Meals and snacks are not provided. You may bring food or choose from several dining options on property. 

Event Detail

Book Your Free Discovery Call 

If you are interested in Creating Your Realty and living a life of abundance, Maria invites you to a 30-minute complimentary discovery call.

Book it here so we can begin:

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