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María Fernanda La Riva
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What would it be like if you could create a different reality in your life?

In fact, you already do that every second of your life! Except that you are creating the reality you would NOT like to have. How about learning to create only what you really want in your life and if something wrong happens, you would not be bothered by it?

And what if that was possible, in an easy, fun and enduring way?


What is the Program Creating Your Reality?

The Program CREATING YOUR REALITY is a method developed by María Fernanda La Riva to help people be the power they truly are.


Today, the fastest and most efficient methodology in the world to change your life!


After years of study and experiences with various energetic and spiritual therapies, María Fernanda developed an easy, fast and long-lasting program that took her out of the scarcity and drama in which she lived and transformed her life. She found shortcuts that work and you can use them effortlessly.


Through energetic processes and sessions of unlocking, it proves that you can finally be happy by creating a different reality for your life! No pain, no anger and no stress.

If you have blocks of past programming, you cannot receive or perceive what the Universe offers you. With this Program, it will show you the Magnificent and Infinite Being that you are in all areas of your life!


The Program Creating Your Reality works on specific situations in your life such as forgiveness, aggression, relationships, etc. It works until we find the missing piece to become that infinite Being that you are! And this ensures an unimaginable change in the life of anyone who has the opportunity to participate.


Through experiential processes and special regressions, growth and general awareness are achieved in a quick and easy way, causing people's emotional, financial, and bodily conflicts to be resolved.



  • You will feel constant internal peace, which will not disappear after 3 days, a week or a month;

  • You will be able to take the reins of your life no matter what other people say;

  • You will feel a joy that you never thought was real;

  • It will change your way of seeing money, attracting more possibilities to your life;

  • You will be able to accomplish what you really love;

  • You will have all the tools to change any feeling that is not pleasant, thus gaining the power to be happy when you wish.

HOW is a private session?

During an individual session Maria will unlock energy and beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward in life. The sessions can be verbal only or verbal and energetic. verbal uses the energy of the words and energetic uses the energy of the Universe.


The sessions can be held face-to-face or online via Zoom so we can record it and you can have it so you keep liberating yourself from blocks every time you listen to it. The online session has the same effect as a face-to-face session.



The session of Creating Your Reality lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Depending on how much you are willing to receive.



  • Financial issues

  • Relationship problems

  • Issues related to physical health

  • Energy Cleansing

  • And more...

Individual Session


Schedule your session with María Fernanda and start Creating a new Reality

Pay here

Note: after making the payment, you can schedule your session by email:



Participate in the courses, workshops and webinar with María Fernanda La Riva

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Buenos Aires


November, 2018

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December, 2018

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María Fernanda La Riva?


Author of # 1 Best Seller in 3 continents, International Lecturer, Intuitive Master Coach, Creator and Facilitator of the Program Creating Your Reality, María Fernanda La Riva has always known what to tell people to get to the heart of any situation.


Connecting with people, writing, facilitating workshops and processes and traveling, were the paths she has found for a happy life.


Born in Venezuela, she was raised in France and the USA and has gathered experiences in the areas of international trade, business management and psychology. She is keen to emphasize that her life was not always easy, although she lived in important countries and attended the best schools.


His first book, Ask and You Shall Receive - This Time You Will! Expresses ideas she has gathered from many studies she has done and is the basis of her success. Sold in all continents and translated into 5 languages, it has already transformed the lives of thousands of  people by reading only a few pages. "And that is great satisfaction and happiness," she says.

Surrounding personality, firm and loving, allows people to feel at ease with her, knowing that she can understand you from her own experiences. Her tranquil state of mind, conquered with much discipline through the exercises and processes she applies and teaches, awakens in people the certainty that they are also capable of achieving a happy and prosperous life.


After the success of her books and courses, which have already helped thousands of people, she created the Program CREATING YOUR REALITY, her own methodology where she applies her theories and practical knowledge to help people be the power they really are and realize they are a to Be infinite, with infinite possibilities, peace, joy and abundance. It is a two day class.


Today, María Fernanda La Riva travels the world to transform lives with CREATING YOUR REALITY, teaching courses, promoting sessions of energy cures - at a distance and in person - and enabling facilitators so that more and more people benefit from this method, which leaves you increasingly delighted with the results: "It works since we're all energy," she says. The people who participate in her sessions notice a big difference with just one session.

Quem é Maria Fernanda
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