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Creating Your Reality



MONDAY - FRIDAY 11:00 - 18:30 SATURDAY 11:00 - 17:00

SUNDAY 12:30 - 16:30 

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  • Are you a highly driven woman who is continuously in a loop of distraction, uphill battle, angry, stressed or burned out?

  • You have big goals and know how you would like things to be like but something is sabotaging you?

  • You have tried meditation, self help books or other modalities

Yet, nothing is really helping?

You are strong enough to look great on the outside but inside, you are overwhelmed.


In her sessions, Maria will go to the actual core of your issues so you:
  • Experience the freedom, joy and ease in life that you are looking for.
  • Unblock the capacity of your performance and gain a power never felt before.
  • Easily soar over problems where you were stuck before.
  • Erase any block you are presently experiencing.
Kendall J.


#1 international Best Seller in 5 languages and Expert in Emotional Pattern Recognition​

Maria La Riva is the creator of the methodology “Unprogramming Emotional Trauma” and the transformational retreat “Creating Your Reality clearing The 7 Universal Wounds”.

She has changed thousands of lives internationally, transforming stress, anger and abuse into ease, joy and power in as little as 3 minutes. She doesn’t use the regular techniques of listening to the problem, instead, with her intuition, she goes deeper, listening to your soul where your emotions are kept.

After a life of struggle and abandonment, she could not believe that life had to be so hard. So she began a quest in finding and creating a fast and efficient method to surpass the boredom of sitting for hours with a therapist.

She has helped highly driven women become the power in their femininity and stop being the masculine entity they were told to be. By braking ceilings they don’t know they have, they will find projects and possibilities in life they have never imagined.

Her mission is to change the lives of 10 million women.

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